We are PermaFit!

PermaFit is an international online coaching and personal transformation company.

PermaFit is a dedicated team of highly skilled, highly experienced and highly qualified nutrition, fitness and mindset experts.

We are here to be your coach first and foremost, which means your results are our #1 priority. We will always tell you what you NEED to hear, not necessarily what you WANT to hear.

We help you release yourself from the old habits, routines and patterns that have not served you in the past and finally achieve freedom from restrictive diets, create a healthy relationship with food and create a beautiful & positive mindset that works FOR you instead of against you.

Our mission is to help women who are struggling, confused, or feel defeated in their bodies to finally make the connection between nutrition, exercise and mindset so they can finally achieve freedom.

What makes us different?


You’ve been on the hamster wheel before. All those diets, restrictions, meal plans, “eat this not that”, fads, and popular workout programs.

You’ve watched influencers and celebrities on social media and tried to follow their advice only to find out it wasn’t effective AT ALL. You know you want lifelong results but you aren’t interested in starving yourself or eliminating all of your favorite foods to get there.

Well, guess what - we are just like you!

We work with busy women to lose them lose the unwanted weight, drastically improve their overall health, create a beautiful & strong mindset, and raise their confidence to a new level.

Through our process, we will help you eradicate old habits and routines that did not serve you and create a new lifestyle that will provide you with a new level of self-love, self-care, and self-respect that will bring out the inner Goddess that you are…permanently.

All of this means you will learn the ins and out’s of nutrition, exercise science, and the psychology behind a health-centric lifestyle.

This is the complete opposite of a cookie-cutter, generic, one-size-fits-all program. We are experts in fat loss, fitness, and lifestyle development and our team works tirelessly every day with our clients to deliver this result.

If you’re ready to be free of the hamster wheel and finally create peace in your life around food, exercise, your body, and your mindset book a strategy call and let’s get you achieving these goals and never looking back.

Meet the PermaFit Team!

Gordon Light

Owner and Founder

Owner and founder of PermaFit. Gordon is seen everywhere throughout our content. Between continuous training of our coaching staff, creating podcasts, hosting live streams, building course modules, and supporting the women in our coaching programs, Gordon is deeply involved with every aspect of the company on a daily basis. Gordon lives in Massachusetts, USA. with his wife, Elizabeth, as well as their son, and their pets: a German Shepherd (Zeus), cat (Charlie), bearded dragon (Junkrat) and 6 chickens (Ana, Heidi, Jarvis, Wanda, Pilot, & JJ).

Shannon Bentley

Head Coach & Client Success Extraordinaire

Shannon brings a deep level of knowledge, compassion and FIRE to our team. She is heavily involved in the day-to-day with many of our clients and is an expert in all things coaching. Nutrition questions? Training questions? Mindset issues? Supplement questions? Shannon has seen it all, heard it all, been through it all and that experience allows her to be able to navigate ANY obstacle or challenge that arises. Working with Shannon through your weight loss journey is like having your own personal shoulder angel with you 24/7 to support you, but will also hold you accountable and coach you to reach your goals every time. Shannon currently lives with her family in Montana, USA.

Shanna Krueger

Coaching and Operations

You can find Shanna’s face all over our content, live streams, podcasts and social media. Shanna is a licensed professional counselor with over 15 years of experience in the field. She also holds NASM certifications in personal training and nutrition. Shanna is heavily involved day-to-day in bringing the absolute best, transformative experience to each and every one of our clients. She began her journey with PermaFit as a client and lost an amazing 80 lbs by following the program, and has since joined the team to bring massive value and support to all clients going forward. She’s an amazing asset to our team and is an expert in getting our clients out of their own way and reaching their potential almost instantly! She currently lives with her family in Wisconsin, USA.

Amanda Desrosiers

Results Coach

Amanda has the uncanny ability to inspire others without saying a word. Her actions say it all for her! Amanda sees no challenge too difficult, no obstacle too large, and no excuse worthy of someone giving up on themselves. She is highly experienced in dealing with binge eating disorder, the psychology behind food obsession, and has personally transformed from obese to having defined abs. She was once a 1-on-1 client with Gordon in a past lifetime, and has come back years later to join the team and bring her experience, knowledge, expertise and guidance to all of our clients to help them through the thick and thin parts of their weight loss journeys. Amanda currently lives with her family in Massachusetts, USA.

Cheri Maestas

Supplement Advisor

Cheri began with us as a client and has fallen in love with our company core values, our coaching model, and our mission as a whole. She got amazing results while in the program years ago and since joined the team as our supplement advisor. Between 2020 and 2021 we built a supplement line to offer to our clients, and Cheri has jumped on board to be our resident expert and help our clients and customers understand the What, Why, How and When around supplements so that they are getting exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. Whether you are a client or not, if you have supplement questions, Cheri’s your gal! She currently lives with her family in Colorado, USA.

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